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She and Judy were always very open about sex education. She made the move and started massaging my cock through my pants.

When Sadie was 12 she told her exactly how to masturbate, Sadie learned how to stimulate her clitoris with her fingers until she reached orgasm. If she could pleasure herself, she would not need to depend on some boy. Made sense.) At poolside, Sadie firmly gripped his cock and rub up and down, up and down to get the lotion deep into the skin on his shaft. His cock head swelled up and he exploded a stream of hot semen 3 or 4 feet into the air hitting Sadie in the face and breasts and on his chest and stomach! And it wasn't long until we were having sex, finally!

If they didn't stop soon he was going to have an orgasm! But I seriously think there really is something in our water here in California!

Judy told Sadie to dribble some sun block on his shaft and head and rub it in so it wouldn't sunburn.

Judy has sunbathed topless when the kids were not around.

Rob shifted and tightened his stomach as if to try and control something that was about to happen. I am not sure she cared what he was talking about at that point. I watched in awe and envy at the attention my son was getting from those two. Weeks of pent up lust and passion, anger and frustration, were released in my soul-deep orgasms with her.

She felt it would be an honest expression for all of us as a family!

Well, now that our kids are older, I thought we could at least talk to them about it.

Rob was practically knocked out from that massive orgasm. Cum was everywhere, on him, and globs of it dripping off of Sadie's cheek, nipples and on to her thighs. I know Judy can be a little kinky, and has always been very open about her sexual desires and fantasies. -------------------------------------- Later on that night I did confront Judy about what I had seen.

Judy asked him if he was okay as if she had no idea that that was going to happen. She accused me first of spying, but calmed down and apologized. She thought Rob was in control and did not realize he was about to cum. And this nudist idea was a ruse, maybe to get to him?

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