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I discovered Abine through Downey's popular Reddit post about how to opt-out from people search site Been Verified.I emailed Downey for an interview after using Abine's Delete Me product and trying opt-out tips from Redditors.What these sites offer is essentially every woman's nightmare, on tap.In preparation for this article, I combined doing my own opt-outs with purchasing Abine's Delete Me product. In my research and estimation, Abine seems to be the primary independent clean-up service.They carefully choose their words when we call, making sure to keep calling them “public record listings.” “Oh, I see a Linked In profile and a Facebook profile,” they’ll say, as if it’s common sense that your social networking information will be scraped and aggregated and sold on a completely different website to strangers.Sometimes we’ll remove a “standard” listing, only to find several new ones pop up from these “public records.” Call us old-fashioned, but when we take the time to We will say this about My Life, though: the people who answer their phones are extraordinarily friendly.

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My is part of a network of sites: it used to be, it shares a database with, and it’s affiliated with, which is now Memory First, they’re a major pain to remove people from: they’re the only major people search website that requires that you call them to delete your listing.- aka Reputation Defender - has a partnership with people search service Spokeo, making some people wonder how closely the companies are linked.As you're about to read, these "people search" sites would really rather that no one privacy-minded noticed them at all.According to Founder and CEO Jeffrey Tinsley, Reunion grew 92% last year and its revenues for 2008 was somewhere in the vicinity of million.Up until now, the company has raised .4 million in venture capital over two rounds, and it has used million of this capital to acquire five companies to date (Wink, Good Contacts, My Address Book, Planet Alumni, and High School

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