Is bret michaels still dating teya

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This is two buses, one loaded with blondes, one with brunettes (no redheads or ravens? It sort of seems to be the Penthouse Pet who points out Bret's fake hair, but I'm not sure. Todd, I totally agree with you that it's Taya who points out the fake hair. And Britney's assertion that she was completely in the right of taking used sweaty socks? Looks like Bret's a wee sensitive about his hair though... I understand her wanting to just lay low in the strip club. Didn't he understand how hard it is for me to get his attention off all these stupid bitches? Blanking out her name) the brunette with a bunch of kids who likes Bret's new music and is always "keeping it real." I liked Kelsey, as well. She also made it clear that Bret would need to watch out for her so no one drives over her the next time she becomes a hot mess (I could not stop laughing at her on the speed bump... Way moreso than, say, pierceyface who looks like she's gonna throw a serious punch next week and get booted. This week, it was rough going for Bret: Farah distracted Assley, but she was good TV.), and none containing anyone who's actually interested in him. I breathed a huge sigh of relief when Bret said he was cutting five bimbos. lol....would you believe "I" was getting claustrophobic on the pink bus and i was only watching....i was pushing my elbows out around the shocker to me? I slowed the elimination clip down, paused it and it seems to be a brunette with wavy hair in the front row that everyone is pointing to. Really was it necessary for him to see all those girls on his date up on the stage and dancing like strippers? No, this idiot had to go and croak when I'm in the middle of shoving off skanks, and now Bret's all down and junk. Being a widow or having kids is just so lame.' I rather liked Kelsey, and think the real reason for her elimination is that this week she finally got some alone time with Bret and there was clearly no chemistry there. props to Big John for continuously staying calm but also father-like with her)! I also enjoyed Big John's pep talk to her claiming that he saw all the progress she's made. Pierceyface (awesome nickname) is usually baaad TV, but she will bounce up and down on his lap whenever she gets drunk enough. Who believes that the producers totally pointed out that wandering kid to Assley.When I said, "It's between 'I Love Money' and 'Rock of Love'," I thought my dad was gonna disown me and my husband was going to die of embarassment! Wow, it looks like our boy Bret might actually be thinking with the right head this time? Last night, Wikipedia was showing what was either an insider information chart (badly done) or someone's best guess at the future.Of course, this was BEFORE the days of Tool Academy... Either way, whoever put it together thought Mindy had moved to the shotgun position -- but the chart is back to normal now.In which case, I figure we've got about five tour days before someone gets set on fire.

Kind of makes you wonder if they'll ever bother mentioning what happened.*sigh* As far as the show goes, I think we can put away any and all delusions about Bret really finding someone: he will find someone when VH1 stops offering him future contracts in the event of current failure. No matter how much it makes them forget, it won't return the favor for us... ) has already had two talks with him about maybe wanting to go home. He's finally admitted to extensions but it's been a long rumor that he got a bad hair plug job in the late 90's. Also, her body is not so bad, but her personality is pathetic. It is clearly important to Brett that he be allowed to hit it from behind. Speaking of real, seriously, did Brett tell the last girl to keep it real? LOL I really like her because she refuses to act like a slutty piece of trash to get him to like her. Was she ever shown as anything more than a background prop? And now, my imitation of a Farshley confessional after learning about the death of Bret's friend.'How can that stupid guy die when I'm in the middle of getting Bret? Hard to tell with the drunken hissy fits all around. Still surprised he didn't kick out one of the others. I shall miss Farah, she was entertaining in her trashy way. Bret made his decision weeks ago, and all his future decisions up to the finale where she becomes his ROL for the next five weeks will be made based on either a) how they will affect his sex life or b) will they be good TV?

This is why he didn't pick Heather season 1 (and Jes thought he should have): they were compatible and it killed his buzz. At a recent family dinner, someone asked what my favorite tv show was. Man, most of those ex-boyfriends are just trips too; some are downright scary.

My husband sat across the table, pleading with me with his eyes to lie and say something respectable. That should've clued Bret in on some of these girls as well.

I currently have her somewhere below the average dog.

At least when you stick a dog's nose in the general direction of its own mess, the dog might fake feeling bad... He doesn't care about assault, destruction of personal property, or any other criminal acts which might occur between contestants on tour.

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