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Learn how to enjoy giving business presentations and public speaking - and captivate your audience Giving a presentation is one of those things you just can’t escape these days. I hate public speaking' phase to the ‘How do I become a stellar performer?

” Over the years, Len Smith has given literally thousands of presentations, across Europe and North America.

Networking events and Business Breakfasts can be a great way to grow a business.

And often, they ofer the opportunity of a 3-4 minute presentation. In this fireside chat we learn 'heavy duty' dating skills.

Dreaming about having a crush on a teacher is normal.

Lots of girls have a crush on their teachers, but that is all it is a nice dream.

You will discover: · how to project ideas with confidence · a simple, proven structure that works every time · controlling panic and using nerves · timing - how to pace a talk and stay within time · handling questions with ease · turning round an unresponsive or hostile audience · easy ways to maintain interest · brain death - how to cope with every speaker's worst fear · covert rehearsal - eliminating the pain · ensuring your visual aids really do add impact Anatomy lesson We look at the anatomy of a successful presentation.You will learn a simple structure that will cover the requirements of almost any business presentation you will ever have to give.A structure that can enable you to prepare a presentation in minutes.This is reality, this is fun, this should be your future. First of all, thirteen is too young for serious, heavy-duty dating. Not to mention that any physical (sexual) activities between you two would be ILLEGAL most places in the world.Talking, smiling at each other, maybe holding hands.

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