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Furthermore, immigration from Europe has also supplemented the white population.The 2011 census found that 63,479 white people living in South Africa were born in Europe; of these, 28,653 had moved to South Africa since 2001. According to the Census 2011, South African English is the first language of 36% of the white population group and Afrikaans is the first language of 61% of the white population group.Genocide Watch has theorised that farm attacks constitute early warning signs of genocide against White South African and has criticised the South African government for its inaction on the issue, pointing out that the murder rate for them ("ethno-European farmers" in their report, which also included non-Afrikaner farmers of European race) is four times that of the general South African population.Since 1994 there has been significant emigration of white people from South Africa.The report also found that residents in wealthy suburbs in Gauteng were not only at more risk of being targeted but also faced an inflated chance of being murdered during the robbery.The current global financial crisis has slowed down the high rates of white people emigrating overseas and has led to increasing numbers of white emigrants returning to live in South Africa.Whites number approximately 4.5 to 5 million, or nearly 9% of South Africa's population.

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The country began receiving tens of thousands of European immigrants, namely from Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Greece, and the territories of the Portuguese Empire during the mid to late twentieth century.Charles Luyckx, CEO of Elliot International and a board member of the Professional Movers Association said that in the past six months leading to December (2008), emigration numbers had dropped by 10%.Meanwhile, he revealed that "people imports" had increased by 50%.Just under a million white South Africans are also living as expatriate workers abroad, which forms the majority of South Africa's brain drain.Under the 1950 Population Registration Act, each inhabitant of South Africa was classified into one of several different race groups, of which White was one.

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